Everyone wants a brighter smile and there are many ways to achieve a more glittering first impression. Depending on each patient’s needs and situation they may choose in office whitening, or at home whitening kits. What seems like the easiest solution is to reach for the whitening toothpaste, but does whitening toothpaste really work and is it the best option for your needs and situation?

How Does it Work?

Whitening toothpaste uses a variety of approaches, but most common are gentle abrasives meant to polish your teeth. Another way it can work is ingredients meant to remove or break down stains, like peroxide.
Lastly, some whitening toothpastes use other compounds that may create an optical illusion of whiter brighter teeth, such as blue covarine.
Used daily, this method can produce brighter whiter teeth in 4-6 weeks. The difference is not stark and generally does not exceed more than 1-2 shades whiter.

Will it Work for Me?

Depending on the source and type of staining on your teeth, whitening toothpaste can whiten your teeth by about a shade. But some stains are more stubborn than others, and some may not respond to any whitening treatment at all. It is always helpful to check with your dentist before attempting to whiten your teeth regarding what method would work best with your budget and situation.

Is There Another Option I Should Consider?

Whitening toothpaste is the simplest and most budget friendly solution to yellow teeth, but it isn’t always the best for your situation. Depending on your situation, you may benefit more from at home whitening kits you can get over the counter or directly from your dentist. Another option that may yield a brighter smile is an in office whitening. If you’re considering whitening your teeth, consult with your dentist about your needs and situation to determine what would be most effective and feasible for you.

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