Teeth Whitening

Your smile is your first impression, so dull, yellowed teeth may not be conveying the right message. Professional teeth whitening offers quick and long-lasting results that will have you grinning from ear to ear.
At Perfect Smile, we have several teeth whitening products to help you achieve the brilliantly bright smile you are looking to achieve. From in-office, professionally applied whitening solutions to custom and convenient, at-home whitening products — you’re a visit away from smiling more confidently than ever before.

Teeth Whitening Options

At Perfect Smile Tulsa, we have a number of tools in our teeth-whitening arsenal.

Kör Deep Whitening
The Kör Whitening System is a combination of three in-office procedures and two weeks of at-home whitening that deliver a powerful one-two punch in teeth whitening.

The system is for patients who:

  • Have stubborn stains
  • Have sensitive teeth
  • Want the whitest teeth possible
  • Prefer no dietary restrictions during the treatment

Kör helps with every type of staining, including the stubborn aftereffects of tetracycline use.

In-Office Whitening
The team at Perfect Smile can whiten your teeth by two to four shades in one 60-minute procedure. This treatment also includes whitening trays that you take home for continued maintenance of your newly whitened teeth. In-office teeth whitening can cost as little as $99 per in-office treatment.
Pearlywhite Club
The Pearlywhite Club is a take-home whitening system that uses custom trays and gels.
A quick consultation with the Perfect Smile team can help you determine the whitening solution that fits your needs, desired results and budget.

Make your first step today towards a cost-effective, brilliant smile that lasts.