Teeth Whitening in Tulsa, OK

Teeth Whitening Options

At Perfect Smile, we specialized in cosmetic dentistry, including teeth whitening! We offer several teeth whitening products to help you achieve the brilliantly bright smile you are looking to achieve. From in-office, professionally applied whitening solutions to custom and convenient, at-home whitening products — you’re a visit away from smiling more confidently than ever before.

Laser Whitening
The Laser Whitening procedure uses a state-of-the-art minimally invasive laser to whiten deep with the teeth, with little sensitivity side-effects.
The procedure is for patients who:

  • Have stubborn stains
  • Have sensitive teeth
  • Want the whitest teeth possible
  • Don’t like to whiten at home
  • Don’t have much time to whiten at home

Laser whitening helps with every type of staining, including the stubborn aftereffects of tetracycline use.

In-Office Whitening
If you’re just getting started whitening or need a boost before a special event, Perfect Smile Tulsa offers an in-office whitening procedure with great results. This procedure uses a combination of a powerful teeth whitening solution combined with a special light to whiten in just 45 minutes.
Pearlywhite Club
The Pearlywhite Club is a take-home whitening system that uses custom trays and gels.
A quick consultation with the Perfect Smile team can help you determine the whitening solution that fits your needs, desired results and budget.

Make your first step today towards a cost-effective, brilliant smile that lasts.