What are tongue bumps?

Tongue bumps are usually just your body’s reaction to unknown intruders or an inflammatory response to a variety of things.

Inflamed papillae (taste buds) or as we like to call them “tongue bumpies” can rise up because of a variety of reasons usually having to do with inflammation. It is widely unknown exactly what causes humans to react with inflammation in such a specific part of the body. The most common culprits are poor diet, smoking, sickness, lacking certain vitamins (like Vitamin B-12.) and even just because your body is more prone to inflammation.

Poor Diet or Spicy Diet

You might notice bumps or sores in your mouth if you recently been eating a poor diet. Lots of sugar is the main culprit. Sugar is notorious for causing inflammation which can lead to inflamed taste buds. Spicy foods or high acidic foods, like tomatoes, can cause tongue bumps as well. Not drinking enough water can also cause those nasties to flare up.


Another common reason why people develop tongue bumps or mouth sores is because they smoke or chew tobacco. Like sugar, tobacco can cause inflammation. Tobacco causes vasoconstriction, which is a fancy term for your blood vessels tightening up and not allowing adequate blood flow- which, you guessed it, can cause inflammation.


Tongue bumps or sores can also flare up if you are ill or starting to become ill. Some people even notice them once they start to get over whatever illness they’ve had. When bumps or mouth sores appear when you’re sick, it’s usually your body’s way of reacting to intruder viruses and fighting off whatever bug you’ve got. Sometimes the symptoms of the virus itself can actually cause people to get tongue bumps.

Lacking vitamins

While you may not have a head cold or the flu, tongue bumps might still present themselves if you are lacking some key vitamins, like Vitamin B-12. B-12 helps all of your metabolic processes work better (like cell regeneration.) If you’re cells are sluggish and not able to get rid of waste and if you have other inflammatory issues going on, lack of B-12 means that your mouth/tongue has less of a chance to fight off whatever is attacking them.

Born that way

Tons of people are just born more prone to develop more sores or tongue bumps. Just like some people have more severe allergies. Certain allergies may have symptoms that present themselves as tongue bumps or mouth sores.

Other causes

Many people also notice inflamed taste buds after they have burned their mouths or if they habitually rub their tongue along their teeth (after a trip to the dentist or if they have food stuck in their teeth.)

If you have tongue bumps or mouth sores and are not able to get rid of them with salt water, healthy eating, or taking Vitamin B-12, you may want to get them treated with our state of the art dental laser. It’s completely painless and can help you heal up to 2x faster than traditional methods or medications.

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