Making oral hygiene fun for kids can be a challenge. The every day routine for brushing and flossing and eating healthy foods can be tedious even for adults. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some ways to make an important routine sparkle for your kids, and inspire enthusiasm!

Let Them Be Involved

Letting kids help shop for and choose their oral hygiene products can be special and fun! Make it an outing, and choose fun colors, flavors, and characters! Let them invest in making their own oral hygiene fun by making it special to them. Help them own it! One way to engage them and help them own in it in the daily routine is buying several options and giving them a choice. Do you want Mint or Bubblegum toothpaste today? The pink or green toothbrush? Let them practice doing it themselves, then let Mom or Dad take a turn! Giving them choices gives eager little hands a chance to help take control of their own oral hygiene from the start, and keeps it interesting and fun!

Make It a Game!

Remind them that cleaning their teeth can be fun! Here are a few games you can try to help your tiny tot enjoy tooth brushing time and make oral hygiene fun.

– Narrate the task and keep it silly. “I see you’re chasing the plaque from your molars! Now your incisors are getting clean! Make those fuzzy plaque guys go away!”
– Play dentist, and help them count and name their teeth before you get a turn to brush!
– Make silly noises and sound effects while you brush their teeth.
– Sing a song!
– Make them ROAR! Have them show you their shiny sharp teeth for polishing!

Join Your Children

Be a good example to your children! Show them how you do it, and why it is important to you! Share with them what you like about brushing and flossing. Is it the clean feeling to your teeth when you’re done? The special flavor of your toothpaste? Is it the smell of mint? Let your children see what oral hygiene is to you and invite them to join you in the routine.

Lastly, help your children learn the importance of oral hygiene from the pros. Don’t forget to take them to the dentist for regular cleanings and special prizes so they can hear from someone else how important it is to keep their teeth clean and healthy! We know at our Tulsa, OK dental office that your children deserve the best care, and we’d be honored to help you give them every reason to see how we can make oral hygiene fun too! Give us a call to schedule an appointment and let us encourage you and your kids as you build lifelong habits together!