In the current pandemic, we are trying to protect ourselves and our families from illness, and reinfection from illness. Part of this can mean disinfecting everyday items. So if you’re asking “Can you disinfect your toothbrush?” Here are some safety tips to keep your toothbrush clean during the time of COVID-19.

1. Isolate Your Personal Items

If you’re showing any signs of illness, isolating yourself from the rest of the family can include isolating personal items from theirs. Store your toothbrush away from others, rather than in a communal container. Do not store it in a closed container, but keep it in an open container, stored upright with the handle pointing downward.

2. Disinfecting Your Toothbrush

To disinfect your toothbrush wipe the handle down with a disinfectant wipe, or disinfect with a diluted bleach solution as the CDC recommends. You can also use 70% alcohol. Do not store the toothbrush in mouthwash liquid, or any other kind of liquid. After brushing, rinse the head with tap water, wipe the handle down, or disinfect with solution, then place bristles up to dry.

3. Use Separate Items

You can disinfect your toothbrush, but you can’t disinfect the toothpaste or mouthwash. Use a separate tube or bottle for your dental hygiene items, and store your things in your room, at your bedside table, or some other area that is for your use only. Do not share toothbrushes, toothpaste, or floss.

4. When in Doubt- Toss it

If you’ve just been sick, toss your toothbrush in the trash and get a new one. Toothbrushes should be replaced every 3-4 months due to wear and tear, normally. If you’ve been sick and you’re now healthy, no need to disinfect your toothbrush, it’s best to just toss it and get a new one. Your teeth will thank you for a pristine toothbrush that cleans well, and your body will thank you for reducing chances of reinfection.

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