The holiday season is fast approaching. Are you prepared to protect you and your child’s smile from the sugar-laden sweets that lay ahead?

To keep cavities at bay from Halloween to New Year’s Day and beyond, make these diet and hygiene updates to you and your child’s routine:

  • Provide a straw for beverages when possible, to help minimize acid contact with teeth
  • Make sure brushing and flossing happen after every meal, especially after rich desserts
  • Bump up water intake to help rebalance oral PH and minimize bacteria growth
  • Limit snacking to allow saliva to neutralize the acid and work on restoring enamel
  • Offer healthy fruits to help satisfy you and your child’s sweet tooth

If you are concerned about cavities or just want to take preventive steps, Perfect Smile Tulsa offers sealants as a wonderful preventive measure to cavities. Dental sealants act as cavity barriers on the tooth’s surface.

If a cavity does emerge despite your best efforts to prevent it, call us at 918-212-8300 or click the “Request Appointment” button to book you or your child’s appointment to have it filled as soon as possible before it causes more damage to the tooth and gums. For more information on all of the dental services Perfect Smile Tulsa provide, visit our services tab at the top of this page.