What is Snap-On Smile?

The search for a beautiful smile can be a costly endeavor. As a much sought-after and successful Tulsa dentist, we are truly glad and proud to be able to offer our clients several options to attain the smile they have always wanted.


A Beautiful Smile in a Snap

Despite its name, a Snap-On Smile is not quite as easy as it sounds. Although it is a less involved process compared to other dental procedures, it still requires at least two visits to an experienced and highly-trained dentist. It is popular with certain clients who want to walk out of a dentist’s office with a great smile without undergoing a complicated dental process.

Some clients are not good candidates for dental implants. This is usually due to poor bone density caused by natural aging or certain medical conditions. While it is possible to build up bone for proper dental implantation, some clients simply do not wish to subject themselves to this procedure.

A Snap-On Smile looks just like natural teeth and fits right over a patient’s own teeth. Made from durable dental resin, it is strong, yet thin and comfortable to wear over long periods. It can snap out as quickly and effortlessly as it snaps in. Because of its flexibility, it can be a permanent or a temporary dental solution to a beautiful smile.

Although a great smile is certainly a worthy goal and one we can help you with, we like to assist our clients in developing and maintaining overall good oral health. Recent medical studies have repeatedly shown that a healthy mouth can help prevent the advance of certain debilitating diseases such as diabetes.

So for any questions you may have about cosmetic dentistry or teeth whitening in Tulsa, come to us. We want to be your partners not only in your attainment of the perfect smile, but also in maintaining good oral health.

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