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Imagine waking up every morning with polished, natural-looking lashes and brows, allowing you to always look your best. If that scenario sounds like a fantasy, it’s not. our certified professional aesthetician at Tulsa Perfect Smile provide lash and brow tinting at his office Tulsa, Oklahoma, to compliment your ideal smile. After a lash and brow tint, you can look forward to a revelation: wake up with makeup! If you’re interested in learning more about lash and brow tinting, call or use the online booking tool today and schedule an appointment.

Lash and Brown Tinting Q&A

What is lash and brow tinting?

Lash and brow tinting is a procedure our certified professional aesthetician performs to give your eye area a more refined, done-up look that lasts. After a lash and brow tinting, you can look forward to waking up with stylish lashes and brows that complement your smile, rather than spending time putting on makeup.

Tinting doesn’t increase the length of your eyelashes or brows. It enhances their appearance with the use of dye products. The tint adheres to your hair and not your skin.

Who is lash and brow tinting for?

In particular, lash and brow tinting is an excellent aesthetic treatment option if you wish you could wear mascara but can’t. This safe, cosmetically appealing alternative to mascara is especially useful when you have allergies that limit makeup options for the eye area.

How does lash and brow tinting work?

During a lash and brow tinting, our certified professional aesthetician applies a special dye directly to the upper lashes or eyebrows. The result provides a darkening effect similar to mascara. The procedure takes about 15-30 minutes.

Our certified professional aesthetician helps you determine the best shade for your brows and lashes, depending on factors such as your hair and eye color. The number of applications, or layerings, depends on your desired shade.

Expect to enjoy the new color of your lashes and brows for about four to six weeks.

Is lash and brow tinting safe?

Lash and brow tinting at Perfect Smile Tulsa is a safe procedure, and complications are rare. In some cases, the dye may stain your skin, but the color washes and wears off without too much trouble.

After your lash and brow tinting appointment at Perfect Smile Tulsa, there’s no downtime or waiting before you can wash the area around your eyes. Our certified professional aesthetician recommends resuming your normal, everyday cleansing routine immediately and provides you with aftercare instructions.

Eye make‐up remover does not affect the tint, but facial scrubs or products with lightening ingredients can shorten the duration of tinting results. If you experience any redness or irritation after your patch test or after treatment, call right away.

To schedule a lash and brow tinting at the office, call or use the online booking tool today.

*Individual results may vary.