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Snooze through your next appointment with complimentary sedation (regularly $375) during the month of July.

They really strive to keep you comfortable from the room setup to the pain free procedures. My hygienist made sure I was comfortable … since I have a history of anxiety related to dental work. I was so comfortable during my crown placement that I actually dozed off for a couple minutes!
-Jessica G.


Nitrous oxide (laughing gas), relaxants, and oral sedation options are available to make your visit more comfortable.  Many people with minor anxiety choose to use nitrous oxide during their routine dental procedures.  Since it is completely reversible you’ll be able to drive yourself home. If you have moderate anxiety, Dr. Davis can prescribe a relaxant for you to take before your visit, (with someone else to drive you home).  If you are very anxious or have limited time for multiple visits, you should consider oral sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is one of the many services at Perfect Smile that we offer to make our patients as comfortable as possible.  If you are looking into Sedation Dentistry consider the following questions:

  • Does your busy schedule make it hard to come for multiple appointments for your needed treatment?
  • Are you very fearful or anxious about dental work?
  • Do you have very sensitive teeth?
  • Do you have a strong gag reflex?
  • In the past, has it been difficult for dentists to get you numb enough to be comfortable?

If you said yes to any of these then Sedation Dentistry may be the answer!


What is Dental Sedation? What happens?

You simply take a pill 1 hour before the appointment which will put you in a state of near-total relaxation. Depending on the length of the appointment and your level of relaxation, you may be given more during the appointment. Many patients are so relaxed they remember little to nothing from their appointment. Once you have been seated our experienced clinical team will begin constantly monitoring vital signs, making sure you are comfortable and safe throughout the entire procedure. Dr. Davis will then begin the dental work and can complete up to 8 visits worth of work in a single appointment.

Can I drive to and from my appointment?

Due to the strength of the relaxation pill, you WILL NOT be able to drive after your appointment. You will need to make arrangements for your spouse or friend to pick you up from the appointment.


Is it safe?

Very safe. The relaxing pill that is used has been around for decades and only a small amount will be administered. You will never be unconscious and we constantly monitor your vital signs throughout the procedure. If Dr. Davis feels at any time that the patient is too heavily sedated, we will administer a drug that immediately reverses the sedation effects and restores alertness. The staff of The Perfect Smile is fully trained in this method of sedation and it has been used on thousands of patients nationwide.

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