Commitment to Your Comfort


“Better than I ever expected, very happy with my results. The doctor and staff made the experience painless and fun!”
-Susan Parrott

Perfect Smile offers several unique amenities that contribute to a comfortable, relaxed experience that you can’t find anywhere else. Here are just a few of the treats we offer at our office. 

  • Sedation Dentistry – One tiny pill helps you snooze through your entire appointment, allowing us to complete up to 5-7 visits worth of work in just one day. CLICK HERE for more information about our Sedation Dentistry.
  • Laughing Gas – Also known as nitrous oxide, laughing gas provides the ultimate feeling of relaxation for patients. Many patients say it makes their appointments go by much more quickly.
  • Pain-Free Lasers – Many of our procedures can be performed with our state-of-the-art laser technology. This means NO drills, NO needles, and NO shots.
  • Flat Screen TVs – Every room comes equipped with a flat-screen TV that can be used to watch movies, listen to music, and even view X-rays and charts with the doctor.
  • Complimentary Snack and Drink – Choose from a warm oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip cookie, soda, hot coffee, or bottled water when you first arrive.
  • Free WiFi – Feel free to cruise the internet quickly and easily on your phone or tablet after connecting to our free wireless network.
  • Warm Blanket – We provide warmed blankets to keep you nice and toasty during your appointment.
  • Kids Waiting Room –Our kids area features a separate children’s TV, books, and toys, to keep your little ones occupied!
  • Snacks - When you arrive or after your appointment, choose from our buffet of warm cookies, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and bottled water.

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