Why Having Straight Teeth is Beneficial to Your Health

Our dentists in Tulsa are often asked why having straight teeth is so important. After all, humans lived for thousands of years without any sort of orthodontia, and they were fine — right?

That assumption is incorrect. Diseases and illnesses were far more prevalent in the past, and modern science has shown that having crooked teeth was one of the leading causes of many diseases. Straightening your teeth and keeping them straight can be beneficial to your overall health.

Abnormal Stress

When your teeth are crooked, your bite is not exactly the way it should be for optimal chewing. Your teeth will end up hitting and rubbing against each other in ways that they were not designed to. Over time, this abnormal stress can have a devastating effect on the teeth and jaws. Your Tulsa cosmetic dentist notes that this stress can cause your teeth to wear down, chip or even to fracture. It can also dramatically advance the wear and tear your jaw would normally undergo, causing pain in the joint and difficulty chewing.

Tooth Decay

When your teeth are not properly aligned, you are at a much higher risk for developing tooth decay. Here at Perfect Smile Tulsa, we find that patients with crooked teeth are more likely to have higher levels of plaque and tartar when they come in for their regular checkup. It’s not because their dental hygiene habits are particularly worse than our other patients; it’s just that they are simply unable to get to all of the hard-to-reach places within their mouth to clean them properly. Crooked teeth can outright prevent you from having access to certain spots, which makes it easier for plaque and tartar to build up. When left unchecked, plaque and tartar can eat away at your teeth, causing decay.

Gum Disease

A higher risk for gum disease also goes hand in hand with having crooked teeth. When your teeth are aligned poorly, your gums are not always able to fit around them in the best way possible. This in and of itself can lead to your gums becoming red and swollen and can encourage gingivitis, the first stage of periodontal disease. Your Tulsa dentist has also found that flossing can be more difficult with crooked teeth, which further increases your likelihood of developing gum disease.

If you would like to start seeing your smile become healthier and brighter, we encourage you to ask us about starting Invisalign in Tulsa. Invisalign can help straighten your teeth without all of the unsightly metal of traditional braces.

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