Tips for a Beautiful Wedding Day Smile

(MS) – On their wedding day, all eyes are on the happy couple as they tie the knot. This will be one of the most photographed moments in all your life, and it is customary that brides and grooms want to look their best for their trip down the aisle. A bright white and healthy smile goes a long way toward helping couples look their best.

According to Dr. Mark Davis, an oral health professional with Perfect Smile Tulsa, couples should schedule a professional dental hygiene appointment prior to their wedding days. During these appointments, dentists can develop a regimen that will produce the smiles that couples desire for their special occasions. Porcelain veneers or professional whitening may be included in the suggestions to dramatically change the appearance of teeth.

If your teeth aren’t as white as they once were, you may be considering a whitening treatment. Many foods and beverages, such as coffee, tea, colas, dark berries and even chocolate, can stain the teeth over time. Certain medications also may contribute to changing the surface color of your teeth. While there are many whitening systems available at drug stores, there are benefits to opting for a professional whitening treatment performed by a dental professional specially trained in the procedure. For example, such a procedure is more controlled, allowing the dentist and his staff to control the strength and the placement of the whitening product. In addition, the dentist can help control discomfort for men and women with sensitive teeth.

“Office whitening is stronger than the at-home kits,” says Dr. Davis. In addition, an in-office whitening treatment may be condensed and take less time. Couples should schedule a whitening appointment at least a month before their weddings for optimal results.

All treatments are different, but generally the whitening procedure involves taking pictures of your teeth before treatment to show the “before” and “after” results. Your dentist may prescribe a special fluoride toothpaste to be used prior to the whitening procedure to reduce sensitivity. A bleaching solution is activated by a special light to promote the whitening process. The whitening sessions will be divided into a few different visits.

“Our KoR whitening procedure is for hard-to-whiten and stained teeth, and it’s the most long-lasting of all the whitening procedures,” Dr. Davis says. “KoR is a combination of three in-office procedures and two weeks of home whitening. It’s a great answer for people who have sensitive teeth.”

The procedure starts with an office visit where impressions are made for your custom trays. During the next appointment, you’ll come back to have your teeth readied for the bleach and desensitized, as well as pick up your custom mouth trays to be used at home. This is followed by two weeks of at-home whitening and then another in-office whitening/desensitizing session. Once completed, your teeth will be their whitest white!

It is important to note that the whitening process works best on natural teeth. Crowns and bridges do not whiten the same as natural teeth. Men and women with crowns or bridges can speak to their dentists about other options.

If whitening isn’t for you at the moment, there are other options. At the very least, a professional dental cleaning can be the start to a beautiful wedding day smile.

“Tooth appearance can be vastly improved with a professional cleaning,” says Dr. Davis. “Superficial stains can be removed, along with plaque and tartar.”

A cleaning may also improve a couple’s breath just in time for that important kiss.

Looking beautiful isn’t only reserved for the bride and groom. Members of the bridal party and family may also want to schedule dental visits to improve their smiles. Even those who wear dentures can benefit from a dental visit prior to the wedding.

Improving your smile is a key component to looking polished for your wedding day and other special events. The professionals at Perfect Smile Tulsa can work with you to tailor a treatment to ensure your smile attracts attention for all the right reasons on your big day.

Mark M. Davis, DDS General and Cosmetic Dentist in Tulsa since 1982

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