Solve Your Loose Denture Problem

Dentures are no longer reserved for aging seniors — our Tulsa dentists have observed that more and more people of all ages are being prescribed these permanent dental replacement products than ever before. In fact, there are approximately 35 million people in the United States who are currently wearing them.


For traumatic injuries, oral disease and severe dental cavities that results in irreparable tooth loss, dentures have long been a go-to choice by dentists in Tulsa. Though a variety of modern alternatives exist (e.g. implants, full arch replacements, etc.), dentures have been around for much longer and are typically the cheaper option. They are durable and extremely reliable as long as they are fitted properly prior to being molded. One of the disadvantages of a non-permanent tooth replacement is looseness, and this is a major problem for many denture wearers.

Getting the mold to stay firmly in place all day can be a challenge, especially during meal times. You have probably seen the myriad of advertisements for products intended to solve this prevalent issue with the bulk of these being adhesives and pastes designed to cement the dentures to the patient’s mouth. Far from a long-term solution, such products generally wear out rather quickly and must be re-applied multiple times each day. Few people have the patience for this, but until now, dental implant surgery was the only viable alternative. Unless a patient had a few thousand dollars on hand, buying adhesives became the norm.

Luckily, denture-wearers have another option: Ultra Suction Dentures, a recent, FDA-approved product that eliminates the problem of denture looseness altogether. No more hassling with sticky, weak-bonding pastes and the discomfort that comes with an improper fit!

So how exactly do this new technology work? By using a specialty air expulsion device, your Tulsa cosmetic dentist can almost permanently cement your dentures to the roof or base of your mouth. The space between the denture and your gums in essence becomes a vacuum, which creates a strong, natural bond that lasts a very long time. Perfect Smile Tulsa is proud to offer Ultra Suction Denture services to its patients. Give us a call today to learn more about this technology or to schedule an appointment.

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