How the Changing Seasons Can Affect Your Oral Health

It might surprise you to learn that every new season can bring a new challenge to your oral health. Spring and summer can be particularly difficult on your oral health because as temperatures heat up, we begin to spend more and more time outside being active.

While all of this exercise and sunshine can be great for your body, it can have a damaging impact on your oral health if you are not careful. Here are some tips on how to keep your oral health at its best.


When you are being active outside, you need to be aware of the potential for dehydration. Dehydration can negatively affect your body overall, but it is particularly bad for your mouth. If you are dehydrated, your saliva production decreases, which can cause dry mouth. Having a dry mouth means that bacteria are able to build up more than usual, causing bad breath and decay. We encourage you to keep a bottle of water with you whenever you are outside. Remember, if you feel thirsty, you are probably already dehydrated!

Chapped Lips

Dehydration and exposure to the sun can lead you to having chapped lips more frequently in the spring and summer. Your lips help to protect your teeth, gums and tongue from exposure, so you want to do what you can to help them to stay healthy. Do your best to stay hydrated, and keep some SPF-rated lip balm with you for when your lips start to feel dry.

Use a Mouth Guard

While you are out being active, you should consider wearing a mouth guard, especially if the sport you are participating in has other participants or a reasonable likelihood of your mouth coming in contact with equipment.

Mouth guards work hard to protect your mouth, teeth and tongue when you are busy playing sports. You should be able to find several different kinds of mouth guards on the market, including ready-to-use, boil-and-use and custom-fitted ones.

We strongly encourage you to come and talk to your dentist in Tulsa, Okla., about which mouth guard is the best choice for you and the sport you play. However, if tryouts start before you can come in for an appointment, we encourage you to remember that any mouth guard is better than none at all!

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