Find Relief For Denture Pain

Modern dentures are more comfortable and natural-looking than those worn by people a generation ago. Dental technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, resulting in dentures that fit, look and feel much better than ever before.

That said, we know that there are instances when even modern dentures can cause pain to the wearer. In our many years of experience as successful Tulsa dentists, we have discovered these three practical tips to help our patients deal with denture pain.

Treat and Prevent

In most cases, novice denture wearers will go through a period of adjustment regarding their new dental appliance. Mild over-the-counter pain relievers will usually be enough to deal with the pain. Applying warm, moist heat on the outside surface closest to the source of the pain may help alleviate it as well.

Eating soft foods as you are adjusting to your new dentures will also help to ease any pain or discomfort. Avoid sticky foods and remember to take small bites. Try to chew with both sides of your mouth at the same time. This prevents your dentures from slipping or moving forward and causing more pain.

Use an Adhesive

If your dentures normally fit well but just need a little bit of adjustment every now and then, using a small amount of adhesive might help keep your dentures in place. This could ease any intermittent pain and discomfort. Follow the instructions on applying the adhesive carefully.

You should not, however, use adhesives to fix old or ill-fitting dentures. For that, you should see your dentist in Tulsa.

Adjust Poor-fitting Dentures

If your dentures continue to give you pain, have your dentist adjust them so they fit better in your mouth. Ill-fitting dentures can affect your bite and damage your gums, leading to even bigger and more serious problems later on. If you are not wearing a full set of dentures, ill-fitting dentures can harm the surrounding healthy teeth as well.

As a trusted general and cosmetic dentist in Tulsa, we are committed to helping our clients take care of their oral health in every way. Time and again, we have seen the amazing difference that a great smile makes to person’s confidence and enjoyment of life. Let us help you with teeth whitening as well as dental implants in Tulsa. For any questions or concerns you may have regarding general and cosmetic dentistry, dentures or Invisalign in Tulsa, call us. We’ll be glad to sit down with you and set you on the road to oral health.

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