Facts About Sedation Dentistry

In our experience as long-time dentists in Tulsa, we have encountered patients who exhibited a deep and near-phobic fear of dental procedures. While this is truly unfortunate, we still strongly believe that proper oral care should be an integral part of everyone’s overall health maintenance – fear of dentists notwithstanding.

That is why we are skilled practitioners of sedation dentistry in Tulsa. We highly recommend this procedure for our more sensitive clients. Sedation dentistry utilizes medication to calm patients during dental procedures. Patients are awake throughout the dental session, but they do not feel any pain or discomfort.

Levels of Sedation

The dentist will determine the level of sedation that is needed for the dental procedure after a detailed consultation with the patient. Sometimes only minimal sedation is required; this is when the patient is awake but in a very relaxed state.

Moderate sedation may cause a patient to slur his or her words when speaking, and they are not likely to remember much of the procedure that was performed.

Deep sedation puts the patient on the edge of consciousness, although he or she can still be easily roused. General anesthesia renders the patient completely unconscious.

Types of Sedation

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is combined with oxygen and inhaled by the patient through a mask. The amount of gas that the patient receives is controlled by the dentist and its effects wear off quickly.

Oral sedation can have a minimal or moderate effect, depending on the dosage given. The patient takes a pill about an hour before the dental procedure. Some actually become relaxed enough to fall asleep. Even if they fall asleep, however, they can be easily awakened.

Some patients prefer to be sedated intravenously because this method works faster than taking a pill. The dentist can adjust the level of sedation throughout the dental procedure.

Under general anesthesia, the patient is in deep sleep and cannot be roused until the effects of the anesthesia wear off.

Talk with your dentist if you think sedation dentistry is something that will work for you. Our highly experienced Tulsa dentists will be glad to sit down with your regarding this procedure. As seasoned cosmetic dentists in Tulsa, we can also help you with Invisalign braces, teeth whitening and Tulsa dental implants. Whether you need specialized dental procedures or routine maintenance work, we can help. Come to Perfect Smile Tulsa and start enjoying a healthy oral environment today.

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