Busting Common Dental Myths

As long-time dentists in Tulsa, we have come across several dental myths that tend to confuse and mislead our patients. Below are five of these myths and our take on each of them as dental professionals.

Overusing Bleaching Products Weakens Teeth

As successful cosmetic dentists in Tulsa, we understand the value and appeal of whiter teeth. As a matter of fact, one of the services we offer is effective and long-lasting Tulsa teeth whitening.

The myth is that overusing bleaching products weakens teeth and makes them prone to chipping or breaking. Whitening products only affect the color of the teeth, not their health or durability. Over-bleaching can remove too much of the teeth’s natural pigmentation and make them appear translucent; however, this is a mere color change and does not signify the weakening of the enamel.

Don’t Brush Bleeding Gums

Sometimes your gums bleed because accumulated food debris and plaque have caused them to become inflamed. You need to brush to remove these particles. Your gums could also be bleeding because you floss infrequently. They get irritated each time you floss because they are not used to the activity. If these are the reasons behind your bleeding gums, keep brushing and flossing, but do so more gently until the bleeding stops.

If the bleeding continues, visit your dentist. Bleeding gums that do not stop may be indicative of bigger and more serious dental problems.

Bad Breath Means You’re Not Brushing Right

There are several factors that cause bad breath. Poor dental hygiene is only one of them, and improper brushing may be an aspect of this, but the truth is that even with excellent oral hygiene, you can still be plagued by bad breath. What you eat affects the odor of your breath as well as certain medicines and medical conditions.

Eating Too Much Sugar Is Bad for Teeth

It’s not actually the amount sugar that harms teeth, but the amount of time that sugar stays in contact with your teeth that is bad for them. The bacteria in the mouth react with the sugar to produce an acid that erodes the tooth enamel. If you remember to brush your teeth right after you eat something sweet, sugar will not be your teeth’s enemy — but it might still be the downfall of your hips!

Putting an Aspirin Directly on the Tooth Relieves Toothaches

We don’t even know how this myth got started. The only way that an aspirin will relieve your toothache is if you swallow it. Once inside your system, it blocks the production of prostaglandin. This means your aching tooth will not be able to send pain messages to your brain, effectively reducing the pain that you feel.

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional Tulsa dentist who will help you understand misleading dental myths such as these, come to us. We can also assist you with sedation dentistry in Tulsa, Invisalign braces and Tulsa dental implants.

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