10 cosmetic services that you can have done quickly

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Dr. Mark Davis and the staff at Perfect Smile Tulsa know you’re busy, that’s why we offer many cosmetic services that won’t take weeks or months to complete.


1. Snap-On-Smile

A very temporary fix for a variety of smile imperfections.


Click here to read more about Snap-On-Smiles.


2. Same-day or next-day crowns

Some crowns can be made right here at the Perfect Smile Tulsa while you wait or are available the next day.  


Click here to read more about our crown services.


3. Teeth Whitening

Perfect Smile Tulsa offers a range of teeth whitening procedures for normal, sensitive, or hard to whiten teeth. PST also has teeth whitening for those who like to whiten at home or prefer to whiten in office.


Click here to read more about our teeth whitening services.


4. Botox


Click here to read more about our Botox services.


5. Juvéderm


Click here to read more about our Juvéderm services.


6. Sugaring*

A natural form of hair removal for arms, face or legs.

Safer and more effective than waxing or shaving.


Click here to read more about our sugaring services.


7. Dermaplaning*

Relaxing facial treatment for hair and dead skin cell

removal. A great alternative to waxing or shaving and helps reduce the appearance of facial blemishes or scars.


Click here to read more about our dermaplaning services.


8. Lash Tinting*

Enjoy darker lashes without applying mascara.


Click here to read more about our lash tinting services.


9. Brow Tinting*

Tinting the brows to match your hair color or to darken

grey and/or light hair.


Click here to read more about our brow tinting services.


10. Facials*

Various relaxing and rejuvenating facials available for

women, men, and teens. 


*Please note that these specific services are only available on Tuesdays at this time.

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Mark M. Davis, DDS General and Cosmetic Dentist in Tulsa since 1982

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