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Tulsa cosmetic dentistry and aesthetics for the holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, Dr. Mark Davis and his highly trained staff at Perfect Smile Tulsa dental office in Tulsa, Oklahoma have the expertise to help you look and feel your best for the holidays and beyond.  

Oct 28th, 2018
What is TMJ?

What is TMJ disorder? What are some of the symptoms? What causes TMJ disorder? How can I fix TMJ disorder?

Sep 21st, 2018
Why your at-home teeth whitening doesn't work

Tried all the teeth whitening kits, but still have dull, stained, or yellow teeth? Read on to find out why your at-home teeth whitening doesn't work and what you can do to get a brighter, whiter smile.

Sep 13th, 2018
Why Do I Snore? Dental Solutions For A Restful Night

Snoring. We’ve all been there. You’ve just shut your eyes for the night and then you hear a sound like someone just started a lawnmower in your room. Better get the earplugs. Snoring is all around us. In fact, about 90 million Americans deal with snoring

Sep 9th, 2017
Tooth Pain Tulsa – Why Does My Tooth Hurt When Eating Sweets?

The Perfect Smile Tulsa can tell you why your tooth hurts when you eat sweets. Many times we have had patients ask this question, when they were otherwise not experiencing any dental problems. It just seemed their tooth ached when they ate sweets. This co

Apr 28th, 2011
What is a sealant?

If you're worried about cavities in you or your little one's teeth, dental sealants could be the solution you're looking.

Aug 7th, 2019
Why do I need my teeth cleaned by a hygienist?

"If I brush and floss my teeth, why do I need someone else to clean them?" Keep reading to find out how professional teeth cleanings can help keep your teeth clear from cavities and other oral diseases.

Feb 23rd, 2019
What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a great way to get rid of unwanted peach fuzz and helps clear away dead skin cells. This procedure helps reduce the appearance of fine lines or scars and leaves your face silky smooth.

Nov 12th, 2018
Fillings vs. Sealants- What's The Difference

If you’ve ever had cavities or even if you’re concerned you or your little ones could get them, you’ve probably heard the terms ‘fillings’ and ‘sealants’ from your dentist or even online.

Oct 19th, 2017
4 Foods that Stain Your Teeth- and One will Really Surprise You!

The journey to a bright, white smile can often be a frustrating one. Even though you might have a diligent brushing routine, you’re still seeing stains and aren’t sure what to do. You can use every over-the-counter whitening product on the market, but the

Oct 9th, 2017
Handling Dental Anxiety Through Sedation

For some of us, the thought of a dentist’s chair can cause a great deal of anxiety. This is common, but you can’t let your fears keep you from getting the care that your smile craves. Luckily, we have the perfect solution.

Jun 20th, 2017
Consider Dentures

We know that dealing with missing teeth can be an extremely disheartening experience. It not only affects your smile, but can turn eating into a chore. Luckily, we have the perfect solution. Complete or partial dentures seamlessly replace your entire set o

Jun 2nd, 2017
What are dental implants? FAQ's about getting dental implants

We don’t have to tell you how important your smile is. It’s one of the things that make you who you are so we know how upsetting it can be when yours isn’t in tiptop shape. Luckily, we have rarely met a dental flaw that we couldn’t set back on the straight

May 18th, 2017
Straight Teeth Month featuring Invisalign

Perfect Smile Dentistry is excited to dub April as the month of straight teeth! Whether you’re an adult who has always dreamed of a shining, flawlessly aligned smile or a teen who is looking to straighten your teeth for the first time, look no further than

Apr 12th, 2017
Oral Appliances: Another Sleep Apnea Treatment Option

Obstructive sleep apnea affects millions of people in the United States. The consequences of untreated sleep apnea can be serious, including increased risk of stroke and heart attack. The problem is pretty straight forward: the tongue and soft tissues in t

Mar 13th, 2017
Lumineers. The Key to a Bright Smile

When you think about your smile, one of the things that probably come to mind is the brightness of your teeth. If you don’t have the white smile that you want or you aren’t happy with the shape of your teeth, consider Lumineers. These are thin, translucent

Mar 1st, 2017
Tulsa Cosmetic Dentistry

For the best cosmetic dentistry in Tulsa look no further than the professionals with decades of experience at Perfect Smile Tulsa. These highly trained professionals have a convenient location on Lewis Ave, and they want to be able to assist everyone in ob

Jun 7th, 2016
Best Cosmetic Dentistry in Tulsa

Are you looking for the best cosmetic dentistry in Tulsa? You should know that the best cosmetic dentistry Tulsa resides at Perfect Smile Tulsa. They have been thriving as a family business for dozens of years at successfully creating beautiful smiles, the

Jun 7th, 2016
Dental Cosmetics in Tulsa

Are you unhappy with your smile, or how crooked or miscolored your teeth are? Have you been considering cosmetic dentistry services to better improve your smile and appearance to build confidence in your beautiful smile? You should check out Perfect Smile

Jun 7th, 2016
Tulsa Cosmetic Veneers

It is very understandable as an entertainer to want to look the best you possibly can. It’s just how the entertainment business is and if you don’t feel that you look great, you won’t perform greatly. At Perfect Smile Tulsa, they understand this is very im

Jun 7th, 2016
Oral Health Impacts Overall Health

A healthy mouth is good for more than just a pretty smile. Oral health can affect the entire body, making dental care more than just a cosmetic concern. Many people know that poor oral hygiene can lead to gum disease, tooth decay and even lost teeth

Mar 8th, 2016
Perfect Smile Giveaway

We have partnered with the Tulsa World and we are giving away a $10,000 smile, courtesy of Perfect Smile Tulsa!

Mar 3rd, 2016
Lupus Symptoms and Oral Health

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that begins due to an abnormal functioning of your immune system, and it can have an effect on oral health. It is very common for people with lupus to develop oral lesions or ulcerations in the mouth area. These are often not

Jan 20th, 2016
A Dental Implant Can Change Your Life

Are you finding it hard to smile with confidence because you are missing a tooth? Having a gap also can make simple tasks, such as eating or talking, more difficult. You don’t have to live with ill-fitting dentures or an embarrassing gap between your teet

Dec 3rd, 2015
Is Botox Right For You?

At Perfect Smile Tulsa, we offer many dental and cosmetic services. If you are looking for a more youthful appearance, the time may be right for you to consider BOTOX® treatment. BOTOX® therapy is easy to perform.

Oct 6th, 2015
Transform Your Smile with Lumineers

With Lumineers, you no longer have to hide your smile from discoloration or spaces between your teeth. Lumineers can give you the beautifully natural smile you desire.

Aug 14th, 2015
Straighten Your Teeth the Invisalign Way

Choosing to straighten your teeth is a big decision that affects your appearance as well as your lifestyle. As an adult, you may wish to improve your smile for business and social reasons, or even for a special occasion such as your wedding day. Or perhaps

Jul 8th, 2015
Senstive Teeth Can Be Treated

Is eating ice cream or sipping of hot coffee sometimes a painful experience for you? Does brushing or flossing make you wince? If so, you may have sensitive teeth.

Jun 23rd, 2015
Tips for a Beautiful Wedding Day Smile

On their wedding day, all eyes are on the happy couple as they tie the knot. This will be one of the most photographed moments in all your life, and it is customary that brides and grooms want to look their best for their trip down the aisle. A bright whit

Jun 9th, 2015
Warning Signs of Gum Disease

Gum disease, or periodontitis, is one of the leading causes of tooth loss among adults. Periodontal disease also can affect people systemically and is associated with several other diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. In fact, scientists believe t

Jun 9th, 2015
How To Make Flossing Easier For Kids

It is well known that a combination of brushing, flossing and periodic dental checkups are essential to oral health. Some parents teach their children to brush thoroughly early on, even taking them for dental visits at young ages so youngsters can become a

Feb 26th, 2015
The Link Between Diabetes and Dental Health

Regular dental checkups are essential to maintaining oral health. In addition to preventing dental caries and removing tartar that contributes to gum disease, dental checkups can alert patients to other potential health problems. For example, symptoms of p

Jan 28th, 2015
How to Ease Your Dental Anxiety

Fear of the dentist’s chair is not uncommon, and that anxiety prevents millions of people from seeking proper preventative dental care. The consequences of succumbing to those fears extend beyond pain or lost teeth. Diseases of the mouth have been linked t

Jan 26th, 2015
Children and Fluoride Toothpaste

Your child’s health and happiness is your top priority, and at Perfect Smile Tulsa, we share that concern. We strictly adhere to all American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and American Dental Association (ADA) guidelines to ensure that our patients

Nov 27th, 2014
3 Signs That You Need Dental Implants

A missing tooth or missing teeth can result in more than just cosmetic issues. Dramatically decreased confidence, difficulty chewing food or the inability to eat certain foods, and structural complications are all side effects of lost teeth. If you are one

Nov 25th, 2014
Get Your Confidence Back With Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s hard to express yourself with a smile when you feel like everyone is staring at your teeth for the wrong reasons. If you suffer from any kind of cosmetic dental issue, you know that embarrassment can force you to hide a smile or stifle a laugh even wh

Nov 18th, 2014
Prepare for the Holidays with a Teeth Cleaning

The holidays bring get-togethers, family reunions and travel, leaving us little time for the small things that keep us healthy like our dental hygiene. Tidings of comfort and joy unfortunately don’t keep the cavities away, so make sure to come into Perfect

Nov 11th, 2014
Solve Your Loose Denture Problem

Dentures are no longer reserved for aging seniors — our Tulsa dentists have observed that more and more people of all ages are being prescribed these permanent dental replacement products than ever before. In fact, there are approximately 35 million people

Nov 6th, 2014
Your Smile Is the Key to Professional Success

Whether you are a recent high school or college graduate or a current employee looking to make a professional transition, the challenges that lie before you are far from forgiving. The American workforce is growing by the day with millions of overqualified

Oct 30th, 2014
Is it Time to Replace Your Fillings?

Dental fillings are a very common form of tooth replacement and can offer superior durability and comfort depending on what type you choose to have installed. No matter which product your Tulsa dentist decides is best, no filling is a permanent solution fo

Oct 23rd, 2014
What Happens After Your Root Canal?

Young children and adults alike tend to have unrealistic expectations and unjustified fears about what a visit to their Tulsa dentist entails. Believe it or not, we are not a place that exists in your darkest nightmares, but rather somewhere you should mak

Oct 16th, 2014
Find Relief For Denture Pain

Modern dentures are more comfortable and natural-looking than those worn by people a generation ago. Dental technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, resulting in dentures that fit, look and feel much better than ever before.

Sep 23rd, 2014
Busting Common Dental Myths

As long-time dentists in Tulsa, we have come across several dental myths that tend to confuse and mislead our patients. Below are five of these myths and our take on each of them as dental professionals.

Sep 22nd, 2014
Sleep Apnea's Effects on Dental Health

Sleep Apnea is a common medical disorder affecting more than 18 million Americans today. It happens when the muscles at the back of the throat over-relax during sleep and block the airway passages. This reduces the amount of oxygen that is delivered throug

Sep 19th, 2014
Facts About Sedation Dentistry

In our experience as long-time dentists in Tulsa, we have encountered patients who exhibited a deep and near-phobic fear of dental procedures. While this is truly unfortunate, we still strongly believe that proper oral care should be an integral part of ev

Sep 18th, 2014
Invisalign Advantages for Teens

Metal braces have proven to be very effective at correcting dental problems like overbites, crowding and spacing; however, a revolutionary way of correcting these and many other dental difficulties is now available through specially trained dental practiti

Sep 16th, 2014
What Problems Can Veneers Fix?

As successful Tulsa dentists, we have helped hundreds of clients attain and maintain the healthy oral environment that is necessary for a perfect smile. Our clients have come to depend on us for a wide range of expert dental services from Tulsa dental impl

Sep 15th, 2014
6 Ways To Eat Like a Dentist

Always Rinse After Eating Planning your day so you can floss and brush your teeth after every meal is ideal; however, this is not always possible. The next best thing would be to make it a habit to rinse your mouth after eating, even if you just had a sna

Sep 12th, 2014
Is Botox the Cure for Depression?

As successful dentists in Tulsa, we offer a wide range of excellent dental services to all our clients. Our skilled dentists are proficient in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry in Tulsa. What you may not know is that you can also receive safe and effective

Sep 11th, 2014
Why Having Straight Teeth is Beneficial to Your Health

Our dentists in Tulsa are often asked why having straight teeth is so important. After all, humans lived for thousands of years without any sort of orthodontia, and they were fine — right? That assumption is incorrect. Diseases and illnesses were far more

Sep 9th, 2014
Is Invisalign Right for You?

Invisalign braces are a revolution in modern orthodontic care. Their near invisibility and ease of use have helped millions of adults with poor dental alignment to have more beautiful, healthier smiles. For most people, Invisalign is a great alternative to

Sep 5th, 2014
How Long Should You Really Brush Your Teeth?

Brushing your teeth should take two full minutes — or at least, that’s what we have been told since our childhood. Even electric toothbrushes have timers that last two minutes to tell us that we’ve brushed long enough. But is two minutes really enough time

Sep 2nd, 2014
Electric Toothbrush or Manual?

At Perfect Smile Tulsa, our patients often ask us whether we think electric toothbrushes or manual toothbrushes are the better choice for keeping teeth clean. The truth is that each kind of toothbrush has its benefits and its drawbacks.

Aug 26th, 2014
The Importance of Smile Aesthetics

Smiling affects your overall attitude and is an important part of human interaction. If you are smiling less because of crooked, discolored, missing or damaged teeth, you are affecting the way that you are perceived by others. This can affect your personal

Jul 21st, 2014
Why is Oral Care Important for Your Overall Well-being

As kids, we remember our parents telling us to brush our teeth so we would have great smiles, but now studies are revealing that good dental hygiene can affect more than your mouth. Recent studies have linked poor dental health to heart disease, high blood

Jul 16th, 2014
How the Changing Seasons Can Affect Your Oral Health

It might surprise you to learn that every new season can bring a new challenge to your oral health. Spring and summer can be particularly difficult on your oral health because as temperatures heat up, we begin to spend more and more time outside being acti

May 29th, 2014
How to Make Brushing and Flossing a Habit

Brushing and flossing regularly is one of the most important habits we can have, but many of our patients reach adulthood without making it a part of their daily routines. We know that it can be difficult to make something into a habit, so we have a few ti

May 27th, 2014
How to Avoid Teeth Cavities

Our patients often tell us that they are worried they may have a cavity in their teeth when they come to visit. We understand their concern; having a cavity is often not a pleasant experience! Fortunately, there are ways that you can avoid getting cavities

Apr 23rd, 2014
Braces and Food

Most people get braces so that they will end up with a beautiful smile, but if you do not properly care for your teeth and your braces over the course of treatment, the results can be the opposite. To ensure that you end up with the best results, we recomm

Mar 20th, 2014
Are Venners the Right Choice for You?

You may be thinking about having veneers installed, but before you make the decision, you should consider your options to make sure that you making the right choice. Veneers can be a wonderful solution for teeth that are worn, cracked or damaged. If it is

Mar 18th, 2014
What is Snap-On Smile?

The search for a beautiful smile can be a costly endeavor. As a much sought-after and successful Tulsa dentist, we are truly glad and proud to be able to offer our clients several options to attain the smile they have always wanted.

Mar 13th, 2014
What You Need to Know About Dental Implants

Healthy teeth and gums contribute a lot to an engaging and attractive smile. Tooth decay and oral diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis can lead to tooth loss, which can result in a less-than-ingratiating smile.

Mar 11th, 2014
Gingivitis Treatment

A number of studies have shown that some oral conditions such as bleeding or sore gums, persistent bad breath, dry mouth, etc. may be indicative of other, more severe medical problems. This is why it is very important that a healthy oral environment be a p

Mar 10th, 2014
Deep Teeth Cleaning

Routine teeth cleaning, or prophylaxis, is a preventive dental care procedure that is necessary to maintain healthy teeth and gums. It involves the removal of plaque and stains through a process called scaling. For most patients, this is usually done twice

Mar 4th, 2014
Give Your Smile The Vitamins And Minerals It Deserves

NO DOUBT YOU’VE HEARD that vitamins and minerals are essential for your overall health. But did you know that many of those same vitamins and minerals are very important to the health of your smile? Read more!

Oct 8th, 2013
Cosmetic Dentistry

Keeping natural teeth healthy promotes good oral and overall health, but some patients want more – they want a beautiful smile. For a fabulous, white smile to complement your facial features and personality, Dr. Mark Davis at Perfect Smile Tulsa offers m

Sep 5th, 2013

Are your teeth chipped or stained? Would you like to improve your smile permanently, without any painful processes? Perfect Smile Tulsa is pleased to offer Lumineers as an alternative to traditional porcelain veneers. Veneers provide a way to conceal stain

Aug 19th, 2013
Invisalign Teen Available at Perfect Smile Tulsa

Don’t stress; with Invisalign Teen® you won’t need to turn down any dates, wear a paper bag over your head, or hide out in your room for two years! Invisalign aligners are a perfect fit for your lifestyle, because aligners are:

Jul 26th, 2013
Sapphire Chairside Teeth Whitening- WOW a Painfree White Smile

We have found the Sapphire™ Whitening System to be the best choice when it comes to the safety and satisfaction of our patients. From the makers of Lumineers® (Den-Mat), this amazing product brings out the white in teeth in ways never believed possible. Ov

Jul 15th, 2013
What is Enamel, Really?

Enamel is the outer layer of your tooth that protects the softer, more vulnerable inside part of your tooth. Enamel is the hardest substance in the body. It can withstand decades of biting, chewing and crunching — with good dental care.

Jun 24th, 2013
Botox for Brides

Every bride wants to look and feel beautiful on her wedding day. This is one reason BOTOX® treatments for Brides are becoming more and more popular. Call us this month to take advantage of our June 2013 BOTOX® special.

Jun 14th, 2013
Is Whitening Toothpaste Bad For Your Teeth

Would you love to have whiter teeth? Most people would, and whitening toothpaste often seems like the easiest way to get them. But is whitening toothpaste bad and is it permanently damaging your teeth? The answer is a resounding YES.

Jun 4th, 2013
Summertime- A Great Time for Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Wisdom teeth can cause your other teeth to shift and and crowd them out of alignment. They can also lead to infection and/or periodontal disease. Young adults between the ages of 17-25 should make it a point to get an x-ray to see where or if their wisdom

May 28th, 2013
Here Comes the Bride

If you are planning a wedding, there will be plenty of details that demand your attention. Besides the dress, the flowers, the food and the photos, there is one thing that everyone will notice on your special day: your smile. Perfect Smile Tulsa can help m

May 14th, 2013
Sapphire Professional Teeth Whitening

The Sapphire professional teeth whitening system is a safe, gentle, and effective way to whiten teeth and achieve that bright, healthy, youthful looking smile you’ve always wanted. Sapphire whitening can make your smile over seven shades brighter with just

May 3rd, 2013
Perfect Teeth- Not Always Just Good Genetics

Every time you turn on the television or open a magazine, you see people with perfectly aligned, beautiful white teeth. At first, you may think it’s just good genetics, but the truth is most people are not born with an ideal smile. In just two visits, Dr.

Apr 24th, 2013
Tulsa Botox Dentist

As an experienced Tulsa BOTOX® dentist, Dr. Mark Davis is certainly qualified to provide you with safe and effective BOTOX® treatments for aging and other issues. Call Perfect Smile Tulsa to schedule a free consultation to see if you are a candidate for BO

Apr 10th, 2013
Dental Office

Disinfection and Sterilization (Perfect Smile Tulsa Dental Office Tulsa OK)

Mar 29th, 2013
KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System Available in Tulsa Oklahoma

If you’re too embarrassed to smile because of dark-stained teeth or if you simply want a whiter smile, the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System may be the best whitening choice for you. Dr. Mark Davis at Perfect Smile Tulsa is a KöR Whitening Deep Bleachin

Mar 27th, 2013
Tulsa OK Sedation Dentist - Anxiety-Free, Pain-Free Dentistry

Everything from fillings, crowns, root canals, to gum treatment, wisdom tooth removal, and even cleanings can be provided while you’re asleep. At Perfect Smile Tulsa you choose the sedation dentistry that is right for you. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas), rel

Mar 21st, 2013
Tulsa OK Dental Implants at Perfect Smile Tulsa

Dr. Mark Davis at Perfect Smile Tulsa is a Dental Implant provider. Millions of people worldwide are enjoying normal function and attractive smiles thanks to the availability of dental implants. Dental implants are replacements for missing tooth roots and

Mar 7th, 2013
Your Go-to Professional for Botox is Dr. Mark Davis

At Perfect Smile Tulsa we believe your smile should not only be bright and beautiful but it should also complement your facial features. This is why we recently added Botox to our services. Botox is a cosmetic service designed to help you look more youthfu

Feb 25th, 2013
Is Your Mouth Ready for Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. As a holiday that is all about love, a lot of emphasis is placed on your mouth. Think about how many time you’ll say “I love you,” how many smiles you’ll flash, and how many smooches you’ll lay on the one you love.

Feb 5th, 2013