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Smile! It’s Your Wedding Day!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a huge wedding or a small, private gathering, the one thing all bridal couples have in common on their wedding day is a special occasion to smile. Some couples are […]

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Tooth Pain Tulsa – Why Does My Tooth Hurt When Eating Sweets?

The Perfect Smile Tulsa can tell you why your tooth hurts when you eat sweets. Many times we have had patients ask this question, when they were otherwise not experiencing any dental problems. It just […]

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Fixing a Chipped Tooth Tulsa – Can A Dentist Fix My Chipped Tooth?

The Perfect Smile Tulsa can treat patients with chipped or broken or missing teeth. Unfortunately teeth are not indestructible, even with the best of oral care. Injury to the mouth or face can cause many […]

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