The New Patient Experience

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One of our new customers recently wrote about his first experience with Perfect Smile.

The anxiety of knowing someone would be in my mouth judging decades of poor dental hygiene kept me from the dentist office. I grew up too poor to get regular dental checkups, and by the time I was an adult with dental insurance I was too embarrassed to schedule a visit. I am 35 years old and the only time I have been to the dentist was in 2009 for an emergency extraction. If it weren’t for the near-death experience of having a tooth break and become infected I would have never been to the dentist, at all. Needless to say, the idea of picking up the phone to schedule this appointment was a leap of faith.

I checked in and sat nervously waiting for them to call my name. “The refreshments bar is free for you to use,” a nice young lady said to me from the front desk. They had coffee, water, and warm cookies. I thought about how counterintuitive it seemed for a dentist to be offering baked goods to visitors, but it didn’t hold me back. Nothing beats a case of the jitters like a nice, warm chocolate chip cookie. It wasn’t until they called me back that I realized I had been hit with a bit of a dentist trick.

Jessica greeted me by saying; “We’ll take a tour of our office as soon as you brush that cookie from your teeth.” Busted. She pointed out that they provide pre-pasted toothbrushes in the bathroom. I made a few jokes about being tricked and we both laughed. I don’t know for certain if it was on purpose, but the mere act of laughing in the dentist office lightened my anxiety. From that moment forward, I was very comfortable.

Jessica took me on a tour of the facility. They had a room for everything: several exam rooms, a lab or two, a few counselor offices, and even a room to visit if you needed to calm your nerves, which I surprisingly didn’t have to use. However, I was told they offer multiple options for sedation dentistry if I ever needed it.

Jessica took me to an exam room and began to carefully explain every fine detail of what to expect the rest of the day. She was incredibly thorough and eased my embarrassment of not knowing even the simplest of dental terms. I think that may be the biggest positive impression I have of the Perfect Smile staff; every time I felt embarrassed or anxious about something, they immediately dispelled any shame I had for not visiting a dentist until well into my adult years.

After the run-down of everything I should expect, Jessica took a few x-rays and pictures of my teeth before introducing me to Dr. Merrill. Just the presence of Dr. Merrill’s smile made me feel better about the entire experience. She was so kind and thoughtful in her explanation as she examined my teeth. Even with a metal hook in her hand, she never made me feel any discomfort. She gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with some procedures that I would have normally avoided out of fear.

I ended up leaving the office on my first visit with a very good understanding of what needs to be done. I can’t do anything about my dental past, but my dental future is under control thanks to Dr. Merrill, Jessica, Dr. Davis, and the staff at Perfect Smile. I will definitely trust them as I take the next steps to getting back on track with my dental health.

– Dave S.


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